Mom & Adopted Daughter: A Tearful Reunion


It was a big reunion for this mother and daughter. The two were separated at birth, when mom gave her daughter up for adoption. Watch the video, and see what you think. 

I was adopted, too, and I've never met my birth mother. I'm curious about her, but not so curious that I've ever done anything about it. And I still feel that if I ever were to meet her, I'd be meeting a stranger. (Maybe that's not how she'd feel, though? I don't know). 

The tough part about deciding to find a birth mother is wondering how much they want to see you. Am I a chapter in her life that she's kept private, and she would rather keep it that way? Or would she want to meet? No idea, so it's easier to do nothing.

Besides, I have a mother -- my adoptive mother is the only one I've ever known. My birth mother gave birth to me; my mom is my mom. 

But with Mother's Day coming up, they both deserve to be thanked for all they've done. 

My birth mother made a very difficult decision to give me up for adoption in the first place. That's hard for any mother to do, and I know in my heart that she did it for me. 

And then there's my mom, the person who raised me and nurtured me and helped me become the man I am today. Happy Mother's Day



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