Police Officer Finds a Bolt in His Arby's Sandwich

How did a bolt get into a sandwich? A police sergeant in Birmingham says he bit into his Arby's roast beef sandwich the other day, only to be surprised when he bit down on a bolt. 

Arby's reviewed the video footage from the kitchen and spoke to team members, concluding it was an accident. Basically, the bolt came loose from a meat cutter. 

But the officer thinks he may have been targeted because he's a cop. To me, that seems a bit extreme. That's not to suggest that things like that never happen, but a bolt coming loose from a shaking machine seems far more likely.... and a lot more common. Here's what the officer told al.com: "I just know that 100 percent of the people who have seen the picture, many who have been in the restaurant business for 30 years, say there's no way it's not intentional."

Arby's, for the record, says they "are confident no one was targeted."

If I was an attorney (not so much), I'd be telling the police officer that he's being a bit too suspicious and that he has no criminal case. If the video footage doesn't show a bolt being placed in the sandwich, there's simply no evidence and no reason to distrust Arby's. Plus, the officer even says they greeted him with a "Hey Officer," which sounds like a friendly greeting if anything. 

But still, I'd expect Sgt. Patrick Crosby will get some financial compensation from Arby's because.... bolt. 

The story came from al.com, where you can read it in its entirety.



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