The Words That Make Us Sound Old

I saw this cool story about the words we use that just aren't cool with Millennials. It turns out that "cool" is one of those words. According to, it's "a dad word." Millennials use it in certain instances, maybe in the sense of calling this "a cool story." So I'm not that out of touch. But saying it as an exclamation, the one word: "Cool!" That's apparently not a millennial thing.

There are, of course, words like "Rad!" and  "Totally!" I don't even need to tell you the 80s would like those words back. 

Here are a few of the others:

Downer -- As in "this weather is a real downer." A millennial could figure out what it means, I suppose.

Sweet -- According to, GenXers love to say just about anything is "sweet!" It's that attachment to the word, more than any other age group, that identifies someone as 35+.

Right -- When listening to a conversation, a lot of us will say "right" to show we're paying attention. That's not necessary with a millennial. They use body language to show they're listening, like NOT being on their phone.

Awesome -- It's a great exclamation for most of us. But for millennials, it's mostly said sarcastically. "This rainy weather is just awesome!" Not really.

Want a few more? Go to THIS LINK.

Wonder what Millennials would think of my use of the word "geeked." I'm pretty sure that meant totally excited about something in my generation, although the Urban Dictionary has some other definitions that would make me think twice about saying it. 



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