ABC Board Ends Ban on Margaritas By the Pitcher

[Photo: Akke Monasso via Wikimedia Commons]

UPDATE: Rejoice, margarita lovers! You can once again order a pitcher of margaritas to share at your table. The ABC board's ban on pitchers of tasty margaritas was mocked pretty much in all corners, so the board relented -- even said they'd been considering a change to the rule anyway. 

My original story is below:

Remember when the ABC board got all huffy about people dining al fresco in Downtown Mobile? It wasn't the dining, it was the drinking.... on the sidewalk. The horror!

Now, in a move that has convinced me that the ABC board has nothing else to do and should be done away with, they're preventing restaurants from selling margaritas by the pitcher. You can get buy half a dozen individual margaritas if you like, but should a group of friends decide to split a pitcher -- um, that's forbidden according to a story at

Check this out from the story:

According to ABC's Dean Argo, a rather nice gentleman tasked with explaining ABC's silliness, the alcohol in a pitcher tends to settle over time. "The person who is poured the first or second drink may receive only a .25 to .5 ounce of alcohol," he noted, "where a person receiving the third, fourth or even fifth pour may receive much more alcohol than mix."

Does that even make any sense? Typically, people buy pitchers of margaritas to save money overall and share among a group. The pitcher arrives, the margaritas are poured to those imbibing, and the pitcher is emptied. There really isn't time for the alcohol to settle. But, whatever... logic and the ABC Board have never been friends.  

For the record, this is not a new law. It's been there for who knows how long. It's pretty much impossible to decipher, so we'll take the ABC board's word that it bans margaritas by the pitcher.

But of course, you can always buy another margarita. So it's not the drink, it's the size of the container. And that's just silly. The state only recently did away with a prohibition on the size of beer cans -- 16-ounces was the max -- so this is right in line with the state's tradition of strange alcohol laws.



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