Alabama's Rejected Car Tags Include "247MOM"

Sorry, I wanted to embed your tweet in this blog post, I really did+. But there's a reason why the car tag on this SUV was finally flagged and finally recalled by the state. So I've instead posted a photo of that tweet, allowing me to keep a couple of the offending letters hidden. I'm sure we can all figure it out anyway, but I feel better. Sort of like when TV shows bleep words and you know exactly what words were bleeped.  

Anyway, before the tag was pulled by the state of Alabama, it slipped through the cracks and was issued to someone spotted driving in Huntsville. Yikes!

Now, here's where it gets good. THAT tag made it through, but took at look at the "nearly 7,000 denied tags" and found at least one that seems ridiculous to reject.

It was 247MOM. 

That's right, a tag referencing a non-stop mom somehow didn't make the cut. Is being a mom offensive to the State of Alabama? Are they worried she's putting to much into the whole mom thing? I can't for the life of me figure it out. For a second, I thought that maybe it looks too much like a standard number the state would issue anyway. But Alabama's standard numbering always starts with an assigned number for the county (Mobile is 2, Baldwin is 5), followed by a letter. So not that... what am I missing?

Also rejected are the plates from people who think they should advertise their state of intoxication or drug of choice: 6BEERSIN, for example. If I was the state, I might actually approve that one and watch the driver of that car get pulled over literally every day!

Check out the rest of the list from, and see what you think. Some obviously shouldn't be approved, but others were head scratchers.

[Photo from an tweet; the photo was by Eric Schultz of Rocket City Photo]



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