Eclipse: More Shadows But Still Plenty of Daylight

Well, that was fun. The solar eclipse visited the Gulf Coast today with about 80% coverage. But I expected it to get a lot darker outside. This was the view of the sun at peak eclipse, about 1:33PM. 

We decided to take a long lunch and watch from our patio. I guess it's pretty bright anyway, because it wasn't all that dark. But afterward, Atticus and I walked out front to check the mail and it seemed a lot darker. 

If you're wondering, the dog didn't much mind the eclipse. He mostly looked at his weird parents wearing funny glasses from inside the patio door, and wagged a lot. 

I did notice a lot more people had headlights on a few minutes later, when we headed back to work. Not saying the eclipse did that, but I was wondering if the headlight "auto" mode that so many cars have activated the headlights with the sun 80% covered.

There were a lot of rumors that you couldn't take a picture of the eclipse with your smartphone, unless you had a filter; but Apple said it didn't matter. So I tried both ways, quickly concluding that you're better off looking at someone else's pics and just enjoying the moment.


There were, of course, the haters....


And our iHeartRadio Gulf Coast staff, many of which went up on the roof of our building.


Another pic from my iPhone camera....

And the trouble with needing both regular eyewear AND eclipse glasses.

Something else crossed off the bucket list!

PS -- Save your solar eclipse glasses! Don't save your solar eclipse glasses; just got an email from Lisa Floyd an Amazing Eyes Optical Boutique in Foley, and she says that these glasses aren't supposed to be used after three years. But NEW glasses should be ordered early for They'll come in handy on April 8, 2024, when another total eclipse comes to the United States. I'm heading to Texas this time... gonna get me some totality!



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