Patriots Charged $4.50.... for Tap Water


If Donald Trump hasn't made you mad at the NFL, maybe this will -- or at least mad at the New England Patriots. On a hot day at Gillette Stadium, fans streamed to the concession stands to stay hydrated; and a lot of vendors ran out of bottled water. All this despite the fact that the stadium had prepared for a hot day by doubling their supply of bottled water

Their solution was to give out tap water. Except they didn't exactly give it away. Nope, reports say that the stadium charged $4.50 to $5.00. Again, this was for tap water

Was it at least cold?

Ironically, Patriots QB Tom Brady's guide to healthy eating suggests avoiding tap water...


The good news is that the New England Patriots have apologized. They have no idea how to refund fans, but NBC Sports speculates that they may try to figure out how much they made on tap water, and donate a similar amount to charity. 

Usually, this is a good lesson for stadiums. Remember the Jags vs Mississippi State a few years ago, when water supplies became a real issue? It hasn't been an issue since.

No one knows for sure, but stadium food services (and even your neighborhood convenience store) strictly control cup inventory to deter theft. They're basically selling you the cup, and what you put in it is not a concern. So that's likely what happened...  

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