Alabama Girl Told She Can't "Paint Up" on Game Day

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's boyfriend Puddy went to a hockey game with his face covered in spirit paint? 

[Photo: Screen Shot from Seinfeld]

It's the tradition of the obsessed fan. We often see students at football games with chests covered. Spelling out the name of the team (usually correctly), or whatever. The guys do it shirtless, the girls wear a sports bra. 

Mostly just guys do it.

But that's what Macie Joines wants to do. The high school girl from Hoover wants to wear spirit paint at the football game, but her school has so far said no. T-shirt is okay, but the sports bra.... not so much. 

According to, her parents both support her efforts to change the rule. Her dad concedes that the school has his daughter's best interests at heart, but he's willing to err on the side of his daughter having the same rights as the boys. Meanwhile, her mom encouraged her to get a petition together.

The school is considering her petition, which is still up at, but no answer yet. Macie hopes to be at Friday's game wearing her spirit paint, just like the boys. 


My thoughts: It's a long time since US Women's soccer star Brandi Chastain celebrated by taking off her shirt and exposing her sports bra. It just hasn't been a big deal lately, and I'm not sure why the school would make a big deal of it. High school dance outfits are usually more revealing, and dance is officially sanctioned by the school. 

That said, I've yet to understand why anyone would want to wear spirit paint across their body. I always thought it was mostly guys wearing it, because mostly guys were crazy enough to do it. 

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