The Least Bad Halloween Candy (Nutritionally)

Before you buy that Halloween candy for the.... kids (yes, for the kids), you may want to think about what candy is best for them. Or the least bad. 

A few nutritionists weighed in on the subject and ranked nine different types of candy from better to worse. And if you're really thinking about healthier eating for Halloween, you should probably just give the kids fruit when they come to your door.

But you're going to give them candy, so here's the candy to give them: Gummy Worms! A "serving" of eight gummy worms is only about 100 calories and 14 grams of fat. Plus, chewy candy is candy you'll eat more slowly. (And if you give me gummy worms, I won't eat them at all -- because if it's not chocolate, it's not really candy).

For chocolate lovers, the answer is Reese's Peanut Butter cups. That's the kind of candy I really like, so it's nice to see it listed as the best (or again, least bad) of the chocolate candy. A single Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is 110 calories and tastes way better than a gummy worm. We won't mention that a typical package contains two of them, so buy them individually wrapped to avoid temptation.

The bottom of the list has candy corn, and that's okay, because it's also not chocolate. Candy corn's problem is the same problem you get with a bag of Doritos. They're not individually wrapped, so it's easy to just keep eating them. Suddenly, you've eaten a whole bag and have a tummy ache.

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By the way, a new study suggests that the best time to buy your Halloween candy and save the most money is exactly four days before Halloween. This year, that's Friday. The absolute worst day to buy is, unsurprisingly, the day before Halloween. 



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