You Should Eat Your Halloween Candy All At Once

It's safe to say that our household had a bigger Halloween candy haul than most kids who went out trick or treating. That's because almost no one stopped by our house

And because it's candy, I've had a piece here and there. Nothing crazy, but a single mini Twix or a bite size Snickers isn't really a bad thing. 

Or so I thought.

Some dentists would actually prefer that you eat all your Halloween candy in one sitting. They suggest that it's better for your teeth. 

Check this out from Time

After you eat sweets, bacteria feed on the sugars and starches left on your teeth and form plaque. Eventually, the acid in plaque begins to wear away at the enamel coating your teeth, forming tiny holes—also known as cavities—that grow larger and larger over time. “Cavities are a matter of having something to feed the bacteria—the sugar from the candy—and also the duration of time it’s in contact with your teeth,” says Anna Berik, a dentist in Boston.

For that reason, having one all-you-can-eat candy feast—then brushing your teeth right after—is actually “less cavity-causing than spreading that candy out over the next three months and having sugar in your mouth day after day after day,” Berik says. 

So from a health standpoint, portion control matters -- a lot. But your teeth are better off if you gorge yourself once, brush your teeth well, and move on. 

There is one good way to do both, care for your health AND your teeth, but it would involve having one piece daily, and then immediately brushing your teeth right after. Hmm, maybe this could be a child's (or an adult's) bedtime snack. A little candy, a little brushing... 



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