The Florabama is Very Upset...

Floribama Shore Cast [Photo Credit: MTV]

That's the cast of a new MTV reality show called Floribama Shore -- a show that's hilariously named because it's happening in Panama City Beach, nowhere near Alabama and the famed Flora-Bama Lounge, Package and Oyster Bar for which it is seemingly named.

The difference between the two words (not really words) is the letter "i" in the reality show's name, and the letter "a" in the bar's name. A single "i" and 142 miles apparently makes all the difference in this geographically-challenged show.

The owners of the Flora-Bama are not taking the similarities lightly, though. According to the sometimes unreliable Page Six of the New York Post, the show's producers have been sent a cease and desist letter to stop using their name in all its misspelled glory. This afternoon, we received a terse press release from the Flora-Bama bar:

...we’ve recently learned that MTV and Viacom are using our name and reputation to promote their latest “reality” series, after approaching us in 2013 about the same. We’ve asked them to stop. They’ve refused. As made clear by the CMT documentary that Viacom aired on THE Flora-Bama in 2014 to millions, there is only ONE Flora-Bama.

So there's that. If legal action flies, one anonymous source tells Page Six that it would be a lawsuit without merit. The source says "consumers won't confuse the show with a bar." 

I'd agree. Years ago, I worked for Domino's Pizza. (Yup, delivering pizza got me through college). Part of the history of that business was a lawsuit from the Domino Sugar company, demanding the pizza chain stop calling itself Domino's. And ultimately, a judge decided that consumers wouldn't confuse a sugar company with a pizza delivery company. 

I think this is about the same. It would be tough to claim ownership of a geographic region. There are regions nicknamed Michiana (at the Michigan/Indiana state line) and Kentuckiana (yup, where Kentucky meets Indiana). The Flora-Bama's name exists as a construction of the state line on which it sits. Of course, the reality show is.... yeah, 142 miles away.

In any event, the show is being described as a "Southern reboot of MTV's earlier hit Jersey Shore," and that should be enough to keep most of us far, far away.

If you want to be supportive of our Flora-Bama, they're using this hashtag in their fight:


[The real Flora-Bama, courtesy of the Flora-Bama]



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