As I left work yesterday, I mentioned that my voice was not recovering from yelling at the Saints game , over the weekend. In fact, it had gotten worse. 

That should have been a sign.

By mid-evening, I was not feeling well at all. And while I'm managing it all with a Mucinex DM every 12 hours, I decided to take my own advice and stay home. To keep my co-workers from getting what I have. 

Only problem is now the dog is feeling poorly too. (Yes, there is physical evidence which I won't get into).

Walter Brown of Magic 93.7 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast has graciously agreed to fill in for me. Because I still can't do a show from home. But a lot has changed, and I can pretty much do all of the rest of my job from the comfort of my living room. 

So it's a sick day, but not really. And at least I'm not getting anyone else sick. Well, at least not humans.