We're Fostering A Dog!

If you were listening to Murphy, Sam and Jodi, they were talking about bit about our obsessions. We know Jodi is a dog lover, has several of her own and has fostered a lot more. (Did she really say she's fostered 36 dogs previously?)


I'm a dog lover, but we've never wanted to have more than one at a time -- and I've never fostered a dog. But man, the house has been so quiet since we just lost Atticus to a heart issue. The one sad part of my day is coming home and not receiving "the greeting." Atticus was a bit like Dino on The Flintstones, without knocking me over. And yet, Debby and I are just not ready to adopt another dog. 

The other day, we were asked to foster this cute little girl (pictured below). She is eventually scheduled to go to the Mobile SPCA and put up for adoption, once they have space for her. (Have we mentioned that animal shelters in our area tend to be overflowing?

So all of sudden, and just a week after the death of Atticus, we have a dog in the house again. She doesn't really have a name, which may explain why she doesn't come all that quickly when called, but she's the sweetest thing. A little nervous with new surroundings, but quite friendly with everyone she sees. 

I can't deny that there are some serious mixed emotions with this arrangement. We'll have her for a couple of weeks, and maybe my feelings will change by then. But as much as I like her being with us, having her in the house also makes me aware how much I miss the dog we just lost. Her presence has confirmed what I suspected: we're really not ready for this. For me, the perfect outcome would be to get her placed into a good home without her ever going to the shelter. She needs to be with people who are ready to open their hearts for a new family member. Our daughter is thinking of adopting, and that would be the perfect ending to this story.

In the meantime, we'll give her all the love and attention we can. Because even if we're not ready, she needs us right now. I'll be taking her for walks on the route Atticus and I established through the neighborhood. And we've got plenty of dog food and squeak toys for her. She's in a good place, and we'll hopefully get her to a permanent home to spend a happy life, a life that all dogs deserve.



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