Gene Chizik Took His Daughters on Spring Break

When I was 20 years old, I didn't need to ask if my parents would finance a Spring Break trip. I already knew the answer -- um, "no." On the other hand, my parents also understood that I was officially an adult. Which meant the only real barrier to taking a wild Spring Break trip was the limit of my own bank account. Needless to say, Spring Break never happened for me.

But Spring Break is happening for Gene Chizik's daughters... and for Gene Chizik. Wait a minute, what? Former Auburn football coach Gene Chizik, a self described "helicopter dad," allowed his daughters to go on a Spring Break trip to Mexico. 

There was just one caveat: He would be heading to Mexico, as well.


While the idea of a parent tagging along seems weird and a little over the top, it probably wasn't that bad. The coach stayed at another hotel about a mile away. So he was there if needed, but not actually hovering. Well, hopefully not. Those were his terms.

And I suppose if he's footing the bill, he has the right to dictate how it's going to work.

That said, this still seems a little extreme. Kids grow up, and it's our job as parents to gradually set them on a path to becoming responsible adults. We give them more responsibility and more freedom as they get older. Letting kids grow up is a crucial part of parenting, even if that's a bit scary for a dad who really wants to be protective. 

So.... think Gene Chizik has the right idea? 



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