Dorian Poised to Become a Major Hurricane

It's still too early to predict if Hurricane Dorian will impact the Central Gulf Coast, but one important question has been answered. Two days ago, the National Hurricane Center was saying that Dorian's interaction with the higher elevations on the island of Hispaniola would have a lot to say about its future. But as it turns out, Dorian is avoiding Hispaniola altogether and will strengthen in the open sea. It's likely to become a major Category 3 hurricane with the east coast of Florida in its path. Cue Jim Cantore, who may be spending the Labor Day weekend around Daytona Beach.

But a landfall on Florida's east coast doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet. There are still some spaghetti models that show Dorian heading our way. It would likely be a second landfall, should it occur at all. And with a landfall on Florida's east coast currently predicted for some time early on Monday, you'd have to think it's at least another day before it makes it to our neighborhood.

This is all rather speculative at this point, but with some science thrown in. Have a hurricane plan in place, just in case.

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