How much time do YOU spend looking at your phone?

Once upon a time, a phone was a device you used to make calls - to talk with people. But times have certainly changed, haven't they? Pretty much everyone spends a fair amount of time staring at a smartphone screen every day. So how much time are we looking at small screens? 

phone on train generic

A new survey was done with 2,000 Americans - half Android users, half iPhone - and they found the average Android user spends three hours and 42 minutes a day looking at their phone, and the average iPhone user spends four hours and 54 minutes. That means in a year, Android folks are looking at their phones for more than 56 entire days a year, and iPhone people are looking at theirs for more than 74 entire days. Wow!

There's a lot of interesting data from the survey... you can read more about it here.

By the way, if you're an iPhone user (like me) and have updated to iOS 12, you can find out more about how much time you're spending on your device - and which apps take up most of your screen time - by going into settings and selecting Screen Time. Here's mine for the past seven days.

Screen Time 2

(In my defense, I do leave my iPhone open on Facebook most of my workday without looking at it the whole time. Also, I do most of my Bible reading on my iPad. But you get the idea.)

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