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Can magnets relieve pain?

My friend threw her back out the other day. Actually, it was the same day that I had twisted my knee pretty bad. Come to find out, we had both decided to take it easy for a day, staying off our feet. I told her I was icing and then applying heat to my aches, switching off and on. I asked her what she was doing to help her back feel better and she replied: using magnets!

She's a firm believer by experience that magnets help heal pulled muscles, ease the pain of arthritis and probably more!

Being I'd much rather find a solution other than taking a pain pill, my friend has got my attention to do some research.

National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is the medical research agency of the federal government says:

"Preliminary scientific studies of magnets for pain have produced mixed results.

Overall, there is no convincing scientific evidence to support claims that magnets can relieve pain of any type.

Some studies, including a recent National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical trial for back pain, suggest the possibility

of a small benefit from using magnets for pain. However, the majority of rigorous studies have found no effect on pain.

More research on magnets for pain is needed before reaching any firm conclusion."


That said, I'm totally going to try magnets. In fact, putting some on my bum-leg right now! I'll keep you posted ;-)

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